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Run your own business!

Why Licensing?

  • Low start-up costs

  • All necessary equipment and playlists, (percussion, puppets, songs, class plans etc)

  • Peer support and experience

  • Flexible working hours

  • Tried and tested business model

What is a Licence?

In simple terms, a licensing agreement is an contract made where a company or person, (licensee) pays another, (the licensor) for the use of an established business model, logo or name.

Are you looking for a business opportunity that is fun, flexible, competitively priced and fits in with your home and personal life?

Tadpole Tunes is a registered trademark and we are looking for enthusiastic and motivated people to join the Tadpole Tunes team. We are already successfully running licenced classes within East Anglia, but we would like to spread the Tadpole Tunes message far and wide!

Nancy Cushing initially created and developed Tadpole Tunes after the birth of her first child.  Nancy's vision was to create a class that supported a child's development using music, dance songs and stories in a format that worked with her evolving home and work life.  "To have a fantastic job that I can fit in around my family couldn't have been more perfect". 

Crucially the costs of the licence are a fraction of the costs of other competitors with an initial one-off set up fee of £800 including all percussion / puppets / CD's for resale and music for an exclusively owned area of 3 postcodes, followed by an annual licence fee of £550.  The annual fee can be covered by just 3 customers attending per year. No further charges.  No long term commitments.  All additional profits are yours.  Why such good value?  Because we are looking for quality teachers who can make a small commitment for the benefit of the spread of great classes in your area.  We want you to feel happy and to make this fit and grow with your family circumstances with the potential for high profit should you choose to add more classes. 

About You

  • Do you have a musical or teaching background?
  • Would you like to introduce and inspire a new generation to the fun and joy that music can bring?
  • Do you enjoy being around babies and pre-schoolers?
  • Do you want to be in charge of your earning potential and opportunities?

If the answers are YES to these questions then we want to hear from you!


"I love teaching the classes.  The lesson plans are so easy to follow and the job is really rewarding".

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