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Emma / Risby

Emma started teaching classes at Risby in 2016 and always looks forward to meeting new Tadpoles big and small!  The Risby class is a wonderful group. 
Having joined Tadpole Tunes in 2015 with her daughter, it quickly became their favourite activity of the week.  After experiencing the benefits first hand music can ignite in all areas of child development and social learning, Emma was excited to be able to become part of the Tadpole Tunes Family. 

Whilst growing up, Emma competed in exciting dance and singing festivals and has always enjoyed performing.  Her background is in Psychology and Human Resources and she has been involved with leading music groups for under fives whilst being a stay at home Mum to two daughters.
Currently Emma enjoys quilting, keeping fit, theatre and singing as well as playing piano, guitar and flute.  

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Class Time:

Thursday - 10am
Risby Village Hall
IP28 6RG

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